Building A Fireplace Surround Plans

A fireplace is often the centerpiece of a living room, adding warmth, ambiance, and character to the space. And while plenty of pre-built fireplace surrounds are available, building your own can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. In this article, we’ll go over the steps involved in building a fireplace surround from scratch, complete with plans and measurements.

Step 1: Design Your Fireplace Surround

Before you start building, it’s important to have a clear plan in place. You must decide on your fireplace surround’s style, size, and materials. Some popular styles include traditional wood mantels, modern concrete surrounds, and rustic stone or brick. Consider your home’s style and personal preferences when designing your surround.

Step 2: Gather Materials and Tools

Once you have a design in mind, it’s time to gather the necessary materials and tools. The materials you’ll need will depend on the style of your surround but may include wood, concrete, stone, brick, tile, and grout. You’ll also need basic tools like a saw, drill, hammer, level, and measuring tape. Depending on the complexity of your design, you may need additional tools, such as a tile cutter or masonry saw.

Step 3: Build the Frame

The first step in building your surround is to construct the frame. This will serve as the base for the rest of the surround. Use 2x4s or other sturdy lumber to build a frame that fits around the fireplace. Be sure to measure carefully to ensure a snug fit. Attach the frame to the wall using screws or anchors.

Step 4: Add the Facing

With the frame in place, it’s time to add the facing. This is part of the surround that will be visible, so choosing materials that look good and complement your decor is important. Using wood, you can attach planks directly to the frame using screws or nails. You’ll need mortar to attach the pieces to the frame for stone or brick. If you’re using tile, you can attach it using tile adhesive.

Step 5: Install the Mantel

The mantel is the horizontal piece that sits on top of the surround. Choosing a sturdy material that can support decorations, such as pictures or candles. Common materials for mantels include wood, concrete, and stone. Measure and cut the mantel to fit your surround, then attach it using brackets or screws.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

With the main components of your surround in place, it’s time to add finishing touches. This might include painting or staining the wood, grouting tile, or adding decorative trim. These final touches will help tie the surround into the rest of the room’s decor and give it a polished look.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Fireplace Surround

Once you’ve completed all the steps, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new fireplace surround! Whether you opted for a rustic stone surround or a sleek modern concrete design, your new surround will surely add warmth and character to your living room.

Building a fireplace surround is a great way to add a personal touch to your home and create a cozy atmosphere. With some planning and basic DIY skills, you can create a beautiful and functional fireplace surround that you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family. Just remember to measure carefully, choose quality materials, and take your time to ensure a finished product that you’ll love for years to come.

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