Build Mantel Over Brick Fireplace

Build Mantel Over Brick Fireplace

If you live in an older or antique house and you currently have brick fireplace, you then might want to consider remodeling it to return the luster as well as beautify of the substance used. You are able to put more beautiful details to make the whole fire place all the more attractive & one-of-a-kind. The best thing about brick would be the fact that besides giving an attractive dark feel, the rustic feel of its delivers an even more warm and ancient air. The grace as well as elegance of the early times is present in each brick that is utilized to complete the design. Just be sure to remember that the mantel is the middle point or perhaps area of just where most important social gatherings in the home happen.

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Build Mantel Over Brick Fireplace


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Backyard brick fireplaces are heat and corrosion resistant things that can withstand and retain fireplace temperatures. They are okay to be purchased off the shelf or perhaps custom made to meet specific needs. These styles are made to fight grease, oil as well as soot absorption. Rather than using conventional bricks, a number of producers are using decorative bricks to create unique patterns and ingenious designs. The process utilized to bake bricks in a kiln affects the brick quality. These fireplaces are very easy to use and sustain. They need to be cleansed as per manufacturer specifications to offer maximum care. You'll find specific cleaning agents readily available to get rid of grime and grease. Special remedies may also be available to really clean soot and reduce discoloration.

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