Black Fireplace Mantel Surround

Black Fireplace Mantel Surround

Originally created within medieval instances, the fireplace mantel acted to be a hood which would catch smoke. But, the fire place mantel has evolved over time to add the decorative frame that surrounds an open fireplace. As such, mantels supply a decorating highlight to any kind of area with a fireplace, designs which might or perhaps might not extend all of the way to the ceiling. Sometimes known as a mantelpiece or chimney-piece, the open fireplace mantel has traditionally been an artistic component of an area while simultaneously providing useful elements such as saving the surrounding area from fire damage.

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Black Fireplace Mantel Surround


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By far the most evident choices for mantels are the ones that are made of wood, either solid wood or laminated wood. Good wood is the costlier of the two wooden choices, but laminate can be equally as practical while not costing a small fortune. There are many species of wood that are left turned into mantels by different manufacturers, including oak, cherry, as well as pine, to name a few, and likewise you'll find laminate hardwood versions of the wood species that are accessible too. When selecting the fireplace mantel that seems ideal for the residence of yours, take into account any present woods which are commonplace throughout the decor in the area in which the fireplace shall be fitted. This will give the room a far more coordinated look.

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