Best Fireplace Mantels

Best Fireplace Mantels

A fireplace mantel is actually a decorative surface which you can decorate in either a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner. In the event that you desire to give the fireplace mantel together with the home the proper air, go with enhancing the fireplace mantel within a symmetrical fashion. Nonetheless, in case you want to make an air of coziness and informality, pick an asymmetrical decoration. You can achieve an asymmetrical look for the fireplace mantel of yours by grouping odd numbered objects in different sizes and also color. But, there still have to be stability in the asymmetrical decoration to be able to generate likely the greatest effect.

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Best Fireplace Mantels


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Wthout a doubt, mantels have become an interior design concentration. While giving a unique opportunity to elaborate on the design of a room, fireplace mantels will also be essential for expressing the individuality of yours. Hearth mantels could be built of various woods, granite, limestone, and marble depending on your preference. You may even use your mantel to express your artistic freedom as it's starting to be more and more commonplace to have a sculptor or maybe artisan style a one-of-a-kind open fireplace mantel for the home of yours.

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