Beautiful Brick Fireplaces

Beautiful Brick Fireplaces

When considering the building of an open fireplace, brick fireplace designs are likely to be one of the primary designs of which we feel. To construct your fireplace of brick in addition to a a masonry firebox and clay lined flue will present you with a lot of choices unavailable to fireplaces constructed of pre fabricated substances. A masonry fireplace enables you to build a rip roaring fire that'll easily heat some size room when adequately sized. There's also the option of using gas logs in your firebox when you'd like a heat source that is more convenient and a lot less work. Of course, for maximum heat production from the open fireplace of yours, a wood stove insert will provide heat output that might possibly heat your entire house based upon its layout and size. Whatever the choice of yours of heat may be, a masonry fireplace is going to provide you with the construction capable of meeting that require.

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Beautiful Brick Fireplaces


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If perhaps you have scrubbed as well as scrubbed, but still your bricks are looking a bit of dingy, you will want to consider painting the brick of yours to make the full area a new appearance. If you are thinking of painting a great moment to do it is right after you have cleaned the area and after it's had an opportunity to totally dry. Mask of any area that you do not wish to paint, and start with a thin layer of excellent masonry primer. Make use of a plush roller to be sure that you will get full coverage, and right after you primer level is absolutely dried out, you are able to try to paint on you latex color. Since bricks are actually a rough and porous surface, you may possibly need to apply a number of coats of color to get good, even coverage.

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