Applying Stone Veneer To Brick Fireplace

Applying Stone Veneer To Brick Fireplace

The kind of brick may be of any kind of color, nevertheless, the traditional white brick is actually preferred. Mask of any area that you do not desire to paint, and begin with a thin layer of good quality masonry primer. You will find a number of ways to cover up that unattractive brick finish and install something much better. In most cases you will simply be finishing or covering with the spot that is currently bricked. Good lady luck with your project! Great groundwork is a requirement. You are able to either enact the changes suggested herein or even pick as well as choose suggestions from each to get the brick fireplace you're searching for.

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Applying Stone Veneer To Brick Fireplace


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This particular process is really easy that a single individual is able to take action in approximately an hour. Brick and drywall will react to the heat generated by the open fireplace differently, and also the differences in temperature could cause cracking in your newly applied mosaic tiles. This's specifically true if your fireplace is going to be attached to your house. It is beginning to sound like fun. These models are sturdy, most and strong of all, extremely affordable. There is something very warm and classic about them. There are several diverse options for a brick fireplace. Brick fireplace surrounds is a staple choice with homeowners almost everywhere.

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