Antique Walnut Fireplace Mantel

Right after picking the mantel style as well as information, the color scheme has to be established and this is done simply when using stone or marble as they are inclined to have a certain amount of color. The mantel is exactly where you place your most prized possessions, photos of loved ones, as well as where you hang your stockings at Christmas time.

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Antique Walnut Fireplace Mantel

Keep in mind that when picking out substances and hearth mantel programs. Nonetheless, the usage of these stones can be rather heavy for one's pockets. In case looking for something under $500, a mantel made of travertine or slate would be another option and still maintain a grand look. Typically hardwood mantels are affordable.

*Antique French Gothic Revival Walnut Wood Fireplace Surround/Mantel eBay

Choosing a mantel shelf that doesn't blend with the room is able to transform an exquisite mantel into an eye sore. In relation to fireplace mantels, the one thing is certain: you are able to include a wonderful aesthetic to the family room, den, family room, or perhaps even the bedroom by selecting the best one.

Fireplaces u0026 Mantels – Walnut Fireplace – Vatican

Commonly used throughout Europe, the metallic mantel is actually designed to provide maximum high temperatures output with minimal size. As such, mantels present a decorating highlight to almost any area with a hearth, designs which might or even may not lengthen all the right way to the ceiling. It frames the warm glow of the fire.

French louis xv mirrored walnut mantel 1

19th Century Antique French Fireplace Mantel Carved in Walnut

Fireplaces u0026 Mantels – Antiques Walnut Fireplace – Vatican

Amazing Antique Walnut Fireplace Mantel, Late 19th Century

Antique walnut fireplace with Satyr mask – Wood

Amazing Antique Walnut Fireplace Mantel with Turned Spindles, Late

Black Walnut Fireplace Mantel Beam (DAVEY-TREE) – Antique Woodworks

Antique walnut fireplace with grotesques and lions heads

Large antique walnut wood mantel with copper insert, 19th c. For

French Art Nouveau Walnut Fireplace Mantel

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