7 Foot Fireplace Mantel

In addition, you can choose from inventory mantels you purchase at your area home improvement shop to luxurious, custom carved marble masterpieces. They're simultaneously functional and beautiful. At this time there are additionally really modern-looking all metal fireplaces which burn up ethanol gasoline and do not need chimneys. It's also relatively low on maintenance.

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7 Foot Fireplace Mantel

In many homes, a mantel layout might include additional woodwork on the wall previously mentioned the principle mantel, typically called an Overmantel. You are able to see more than many hundreds of models and this will be very difficult for you to select the finest because there's a wide variety of designs that it is difficult to select.

Fireplace Mantel Wood 7 Foot Long Custom Made Rustic 8 by 10 Etsy

Nevertheless, if you do have a financial budget to look into, you may want to check out more traditional options or perhaps get yourself a synthetic shelf that looks like the stone of the choice of yours. Choose wisely what you plan to display on the mantel of yours as it will additionally reflect your style and personality.

Ekena Millwork 6 in. x 10 in. x 7 ft. RiverWood beam Rustic Faux

Stone fireplace mantels are actually an elegant way to eat character as well as class to any kind of area in your home. If you locate a mantel that matches the dimensions of the fireplace of yours, installation is easily a matter of repairing the mantel to the wall surface around the fireplace of yours and adding any required trim to go over any exposed joints.

Fireplace Faux Wood Mantels – 7 ft. Length u0026 6 in. Height

Ekena Millwork 8 in. x 8 in. x 7 ft. Sandblasted Faux Wood Beam

7 X 7 Mantel Made From Reclaimed Wood Beam Etsy

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Ekena Millwork 6 in. x 10 in. x 7 ft. RiverWood beam Rustic Faux

Rough Sawn Beam Fireplace Mantle 10×10 10 Foot Fireplace Mantel

Hand Hewn Fireplace Mantel 8×8

Ekena Millwork 48-in W x 6-in H x 10-in D Aged Ash Urethane Rustic

7 Foot Custom Made Rustic Hand Hewn Solid Pine Fireplace Etsy

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Ekena Millwork 4 in. x 8 in. x 7 ft. Rough Cedar Faux Wood Beam


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